Why I like you..

Seriously, when I first saw super junior, no one really appealed to me.. And just to fit in with my friends, I browsed  through photos of the 13 and chose a face who I thought was goodlooking enough. I soon found out that goodlooking face belonged to Lee Sung Min. I didn't know anything about him or abouut SuJu and it stayed that way for about 2months..

But somehow, early last year, I suddenly became curious regarding Super Junior and began doing my "research". By the following week, I knew every member from SuJu and their info such as their birthdays, nicknames etc. I was never obsessed with any boyband before and I never expected myself to like Super Junior. Having used the term 'over-rated' on them before, I was forced to eat my words after watching and learning more about them...
The first videos I watched were their Sorry Sorry performances last year.. As I only knew of a certain guy by the name of Sung Min, it was with great difficulty that I recognized his face among the 13 performing on stage.. But thankfully in Sorry Sorry, his parts were very distinct. I then watched a video where he performed Gee on stage with members from various boy bands. He had 2 parts in the song and for some reason, that made me really happy. Also, in Intimate Note, where Sung Min had a mjaor role in made me like him more. His quiet and boy-like demeanour appealed to me and I couldn't help but pity him everytime Kangin "bullied" him.
Today, since their comeback in May, I'm still very much in love with the group.. Though KiBum, KangIn HanKyung and Heechul are not with them now, I still love them as much as I love the other members.... Except for one...
Lee Sung Min.. He holds a special place in my heart. One that no other kpop celeb has ever held before.

He was  the one who made me squeal whenever he did his Chinese martial arts and nunchucks (and I was never a fan of guys doing martial arts before)

He was the one who made me like pink
when I was an avid hater of pink 

He was the one who made my heart ache and cause me to lose sleep when he was unhappy and sad during Music Bank recently

He was the one who made me believe that there are still guys who can be both manly and sensitive; strong and sweet at the same time.

My heart always skips a beat whenever the camera focuses on him. And whenever they perform as a group, my eyes, as if by instinct, will be searching for the face that they love.
People can tell me that I don't know what I'm feeling and that I'm too young to talk about this.. But hey, I know what I'm feeling and I know that what I feel is real.

Of course I'm aware that loving a celebrity will bring me nowhere.. But there's no harm in dreaming right?
Till today, I'm still questioning what is it about him that made me like him..
Did fate intervene by making me pick him among the 13 faces I saw? I mean, of all the boys in the photos I browsed, I had to choose him..and till today my love for him has never wavered...

To end this entry, I'll use a quote that I swear I can't remember where I got it from. Credits goes to the one who created this quote and it has become my favourite quote ever since.

  "To meet you is chance
To like you is my choice
  But to fall in love with you is beyond my control"


bwara mr simple simple~ :)

lama tak update.

sekarang nih,
cuti la beybeh.
seminggu pulak tu cuti.
FUN but NO fun.
kacau daun betoii.
kena study la cuti ni
nama pon cuti
jangan harap la nak bukak buku
bukak 'muka buku' ade la

hui cepatnya
sekarang dah diagnostik
then the next year comes
pastu SPM
and then masuk U pulak
next, working
after that,you get old
then, what?

laju sungguh
dah cukup ke bekalan nak bawak tu
who knows.

ada gaya.
ustazah pilihan.

three ayy emm in da moarning

saya ada masalah.
saya tak tau la kenapa tapi
saya setiap malam akan terbangun dengan sendiri nya.
pastu terjaga terus
dah tak boleh tidur balek.
yang peliknya
kenapa saya terbangun tepat pukul 3
takde la tepat sangat
around pukul 3 la jugak
kenapa ha?
masalah ni dah lama dah membelenggu tidur saya
tak kira la kat asrama ke,kat rumah ke.
still bangun pagi2 buta.
kalau kat rumah ok lagi.
tapi kalau kat asrama.
nak melayan mengantuk kat kelas tuh.
camne a?
kalau dah terjaga memalam tu
taktau dah nak buat ape.
macam2 dibuatnya
pergi toilet.
jalan2 pusing asrama.
kalu kat umah,
bace buku(komik,epop,etc)
(buku pelajaran jangan harap a nak sentuh ;D )
tengok tv
tengok cd
bukak youtube
tgk cite korea
usha yeobo kesayangan
takkan setiap hari jadi macam ni kott
penat la
pastu nanti pagi2,
pastu kena marah
penyakit ke ha?
sejak bile ha terjaga ni
sejak bday.
kenapa pun ngan bday?
tade pape pon kan?
ke ape nih
ape la yang sebenarnya melanda diri ni
kang makan ubat  tidur kang
dadah pulak
tak pasal2 masuk pusat serenti
sape la yang boleh tolong.

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